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Privacy Policy always minimized the amount of used personal data. In general, only data that is required for smooth operation of the website is processed. When accessing any website in the Internet, a certain amount of data is automatically send from your browser to the webserver. This includes the IP address, to which the server shall send the site content. Without this information, you would never actually be able to receive any content over the Internet. Additionally, browsers automatically send some basic information about their capabilities and other additional information. Every request to the webserver is logged to a logfile by the server program. These logs are used to identify problems with the server or website, analyse anonymised usage statistics and to prevent hacking and spamming attacks on the server. You browser also saves some local data, e.g. to keep runtime information of the website available for you next visit.

All data of this website are stored on servers in the EU and are subject to very high safety standards.

The complete privacy policy can be found here.